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The menu FOR A BETTER FUTURE groups together articles on themes of concern to young people: addictions, social phobias, the experience of parents with their children, the virtues and moral values that should be inculcated in young people, good or bad company, etc. Parents who wish to share their experiences with others in order to benefit young people can react to the subjects addressed.

Parents who wish to share their experiences with others and share them with young people can react to the topics discussed.


If you are a parent and have a useful topic to suggest or wish to react on an article published on, please contact us on our Telegram account:


Facing up to addictions

Addiction or dependence is the repeated and irresistible urge to do or consume something in spite of the efforts, the will to resist that the person who is victim of it can deploy.
The consumption of alcoholic beverages, allucinogenic substances, addiction to video games, gambling, masturbation, pornography, addiction to sexual relations, bulimia, addiction to smartphones, social networks, internet, etc. are all addictions that affect young people.

We propose here information on the ravages of these scourges to enable young people who are not yet victims to avoid them. We also propose solutions and resources for young people who suffer from them to be able to get out of them.


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Fake News

Fake news or false information is erroneous, fallacious information, conveyed with the main objective of manipulation. Deceiving and influencing opinion are among the aims of this manipulation.

Fake news has become a recurrent phenomenon that is becoming more widespread through the so-called social media. It is enough for one of these malicious people to concoct an explosive cocktail of lies and supposed truths that spreads first through the internet (mainly social networks) and then by word of mouth to reach unsuspected proportions.

In this section of, we publish articles on the veracity of certain information published here and there to allow people seeking information on certain subjects to have the real, good information.


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This space is reserved for the messages and concerns of parents regarding their children. It is also a link between the concerns of young people and parents.

We regularly propose topics around the education of young people. Parents are invited to react according to their experiences or also to propose themes inspired by their own experiences.


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Sexuality Education

All human beings will naturally make life-changing decisions about their sexual and reproductive health at some point. However, it appears that many young people do not have enough knowledge to make these decisions responsibly. Early sex, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies and deviant sexual behaviour are some of the consequences that can follow.

Sexuality education is an essential component in the construction and education of each person. Its essential objectives are to instil self-esteem, respect for others, acceptance of differences, understanding and respect for the law, and individual and collective responsibility.

Sexuality education enables young people to understand themselves better, to establish emotional relationships that respect themselves and others, and to develop critical thinking, good judgment and a sense of responsibility.


On a biological level, sexuality education provides information on biological knowledge; anatomy, physiology, the transmission of life, puberty, the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, contraception, etc.

At the psycho-emotional level, sexuality education covers the areas of self-esteem, self-confidence, relationships with others, emotions and feelings, sexual orientation, psychosocial skills, etc.

From a legal and social point of view, sexuality education aims to inculcate the development of a spirit of analysis in the face of socio-environmental factors (family, cultural, societal environment), the notions of equality between girls and boys, information on discrimination (sexism, harassment, etc.), freedom and responsibility in the face of sexuality, and a sense of responsibility towards others. ), freedom and responsibility in the face of personal choices (notion of consent), media and information education (pornography, advertising, internet and social networks, cyberbullying), written laws (civil and penal codes), values and norms, prevention of sexual and gender-based violence, etc.


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Social phobias

Social phobias are behavioural disorders characterised by excessive fear or irrational anxiety in situations where the sufferer fears being judged, failing, offending or acting in an embarrassing or humiliating way. 

These embarrassing social situations sometimes lead to avoidance behaviours or are experienced, when the person cannot avoid them, with great suffering.

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In our societies where vices seem to be in fashion, virtues exist and are the foundation on which many young people rest.

In this section, jeunessepositive wishes to address the topics related to the virtues that every young person should develop in order to bring something positive to society.

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