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All the resources around the academic training of young people. Are you looking for a primary, secondary or higher education institution? Are you looking for a vocational training centre? Do you want to download the old exams and competitions? Are you looking for where and how to get a scholarship? Are you looking for information about studying abroad?

Here we offer you solutions to all these concerns.

Competitive examinations

Find here, the announcements of competitive examinations, all year long, as soon as they are launched.

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Games and leisure

Les jeux sains et les loisirs sont importants pour un meilleur développement de l'enfant. Qu'il soit moins ou plus jeune, les enfants aiment jouer car, le jeu est primordial dans l'acquisition des connaissances.

En jouant souvent avec leurs enfants, les parents créent une complicité et des relations de confiance avec leurs progénitures tout en stimulant les capacités d'acquisition des connaissances de ces dernières.


Nous proposons dans cette section de jeunessePositive.com, des jeux et loisirs auxquels peuvent se livrer, enfants et parents.

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Past Papers

Download Past Papers for FREE.

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All the information you need to know about your dream job.

jeunessepositive.com is gradually compiling information on jobs to help you form a better opinion. What are the characteristics of these professions? What course of study should you follow to enter a specific profession, etc. 

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Are you looking for an exam or competition result for yourself or someone else? Browse through the different results that jeunessePositive.com obtains and makes available to you free of charge.


We make every effort to publish the various exam and competition results as soon as they are made official.

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Looking for a scholarship abroad? France, UK, China, Canada, Belgium, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa and many other countries? Whether it's a fully or partially funded scholarship, jeunessePositive.com will find it for you in this section dedicated to scholarships.

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Schools, Colleges, High Schools, Vocational Training Centres, Higher Education Institutions.

jeunessePositive.com searches for the availability of all these institutions in all locations around the world so that you can find the right information, compare training offers before making a choice.

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