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The Mathematical Foundation Jacques Hadamard (FMJH) was created in 2010 by decree of the French Prime Minister with resources from an initial non-expendable capital endowment of 40 million euros as part of the Campus operation. Its objective is to lead a project of scientific excellence in the field of mathematics and its interactions. It thus contributes to the development and structuring of the scientific policies of its members in all matters relating to mathematics.

The FMJH also has the following missions:

  •  Develop structuring actions on the Paris-Saclay campus, particularly in terms of graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral training,
  •   Accelerate the development of interactions with the business world and other scientific disciplines, while encouraging the development of emerging multidisciplinary themes,
  •   Strengthen and coordinate international collaborative programs,
  •   Contribute to the irrigation of the national mathematical area.

Founded by the CNRS, the École polytechnique, the ENS Cachan, the IHÉS, the University Paris-Sud in early 2011, the FMJH was hosted by the Fondation de Coopération Scientifique Campus Paris-Saclay until 2017. It becomes a independant foundation in 2018, with an additional founder: the University Paris-Saclay.

Today, the FMJH puts in synergy 12 mathematical laboratories, those of the founding members and those of the associate members who have joined the foundation since 2013: AgroParisTech, CentraleSupélec, ENSIIE, ENSTA ParisTech, INRA, UEVE, UVSQ, ENSAE.


Mathematics Foundation Jacques Hadamard (FMJH)





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