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SCHOLARSHIPS : U.S Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)






Aiming to advance stability and prosperity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) program supports governments and their citizens to achieve shared political, economic and stability objectives. The MEPI program responds to needs and emerging opportunities for citizens and organizations that target two core objectives: Participatory Governance, Economic Opportunity. A cross cutting theme is the focus on government-citizen relations: empowering partnerships between citizens, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and government institutions to promote shared solutions for the people of MENA.


The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) fosters meaningful and effective partnerships between citizens, civil society, the private sector, and governments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to resolve local challenges and promote participatory governance and economic opportunity and reform.

Focusing on promoting stability and prosperity in the region, MEPI supports partnerships through projects that have the agility to respond to emerging opportunities through field-driven, evidence-based, and results-oriented projects.




U.S Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)





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