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Eiffel Excellence Scholarship 2022-2023 at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon - ENS Lyon

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The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme is a programme of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs whose primary objective is to train future foreign decision-makers, in the private and public sectors, in French higher education institutions, in priority fields of study.

Submit your application before 26 November 2021.



Who is it for?

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarships are for foreign applicants only: 

  • Master's level - students aged 25 years or less (born after 31 March 1996), who have not started their studies in France
  • Doctoral level - doctoral students under international co-supervision or co-direction (the co-supervision agreement must be finalised), aged 30 or under (born after 31 March 1991)


Fields of study

Science and technology :

  • Biology and health
  • Ecological transition
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Engineering sciences

Humanities and social sciences :

  • History, French language and civilisation
  • Law and political science
  • Economics and Management



Students already receiving a grant from the French government under another programme are not eligible.

Master level: 

  • Monthly allowance: €1,181 
  • Duration of 24 months maximum in M1, and 12 months in M2

Doctorate level: 

  • Monthly stipend: €1,700 
  • Duration of 12 months maximum - as an exception, the 12 months of scholarship in France can, after agreement of the selection committee, be split into three stays maximum.


Composition of the application file

Applications must be completed directly online. 

Important information: the application form is an application form for the Eiffel scholarship, not an application form for the Master's course. For Master's admissions, please refer to the relevant pages. 

Form to be completed online

Please note that various documents must be attached to the application. 

  • the professional project, to be written in French or, failing that, in English. One to two pages explaining the choice of studies in France in relation to previous studies and the future professional career. This presentation may be supported by an opinion from outside the institution, for example from a company.
  • CV, copy of passport, language certificate
  • diplomas and classification indications

In Master :

  • transcripts from the last three years

For a doctorate : 

  • the thesis proposal, 1 to 5 pages written in English, presenting the project and the progress of the research. This document must precisely state the subject of the thesis, the state of progress of the writing, the plan adopted and the bibliography.
  • The financing plan for the thesis is also required. 
  • The co-supervision agreement must be sent, signed by both parties. It must include the schedule of alternating stays in case of splitting.


Application deadline

The application form must be completed and submitted before November 26, 2021.



Selection of candidates

A selection committee will meet in December to select the best applications in line with the institution's international policy. They will then be sent to Campus France. 

Results will be available the week of April 4, 2022.



Need more information?

Please visit the Campus France website for more information on the Eiffel Scholarship programme.

For more information, visit the official page of the Eiffel Scholarship at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.



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