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University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students - 2023

| Canada




University of British Columbia recognizes the academic achievement of outstanding students from around the world by devoting more than $30 million CAD annually to awards, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance for international undergraduate students.

UBC’s International Scholars have the potential to make a difference in the world. They are high academic achievers who have demonstrated exceptional extracurricular activities, show a desire to create global change, and they are dedicated to giving back to their schools and communities.

UBC’s International Scholars are part of the International Scholars Program, which offers the chance to:

  • Earn a globally recognized degree at a top university,

  • Study with the brightest students in the world,

  • Take advantage of unique learning opportunities and

  • Access dedicated advising and support.



Summary of the scholarship

  • Host Institution(s): University of British Columbia
  • Study in: Canada
  • Level/Field(s) of study: Undergraduate programme
  • Number of Scholarships: Approximately 50 scholarships each year
  • Funding: See "Scholarship value/inclusions" section.
  • Target group: International students.
  • Deadline: 15 November 2022.



Host Institution(s)

University of British Columbia, Canada.



Level/Field(s) of study

Eligible undergraduate degrees offered by UBC.



Number of Scholarships

Four prestigious need-and-merit-based awards are available through UBC’s International Scholars Program. UBC offers approximately 50 scholarships each year across all four awards. You won’t select which award you wish to receive when you submit your application – UBC’s team will automatically consider you for the awards that you are eligible for.



Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This award recognizes international undergraduate students who demonstrate superior academic achievement, exceptional leadership skills, involvement in student affairs and community service, and recognized achievement in other key areas.


Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award

This award recognizes outstanding international undergraduate students from impoverished or war-torn areas who have achieved academic excellence under  challenging circumstances, and who would be unable to attend university without significant financial assistance.


International Impact Award

This award is offered to exceptional students who have expressed commitment to and solutions for social justice issues, climate change, equity and inclusion, societal health and wellness, and freedom of expression.


Vantage One Excellence Award

This award is offered by UBC Vantage College for academically outstanding international students who do not yet meet the English Language Admission Standard for direct admission to UBC . The awards range in value up to the full cost of a student’s academic program and living expenses.



Target group

International students from around the world.



Scholarship value/inclusions

The value of the Award is proportional to your demonstrated financial need and sufficient to cover living expenses and tuition costs for your degree of study.

The Award may be renewed for up to three additional years of undergraduate study or to degree completion – whichever comes first – provided you achieve satisfactory academic standing in your faculty, continue to demonstrate financial need, and maintain your Canadian study permit (student visa).




Eligibility criteria

  • You must be an international student who will be studying in Canada on a Canadian study permit.
  • You must be entering UBC from a recognized secondary school, or transferring from your first year at a post-secondary college or other university.
  • You must have graduated from high school no earlier than one year prior to the academic year you are applying to. For example, applicants for 2023 must have graduated from high school no earlier than 2022.
  • You must be applying for your first undergraduate degree.
  • You must demonstrate superior academic achievement.
  • You must demonstrate a level of financial need that would otherwise prevent you from pursuing a UBC degree.
  • You must meet UBC’s admission requirements, including general and degree-specific requirements and the English Language Admission Standard.


UBC will consider you for the Vantage One Excellence Award if:

  • All previous eligibility criteria apply, except you must not yet meet UBC’s English Language Admission Standard for direct admission to UBC. 
  • You must meet the UBC Vantage College admission requirements, including the English requirements for Vantage College.
  • You must be coming directly from high school
  • You must be beginning your undergraduate studies at UBC in the UBC Vantage One Program.



Application instructions

Applications for the 2023 school year are now open.


1. Review the application page for the International Scholars Program.

2. Decide on the academic program you want to study, and which campus you want to choose.

3. To apply for the International Scholars Program, you must be nominated by your school or non-profit, and submit a reference from an academic referee.

  • Confirm that your school or non-profit is able to nominate you. A single high school, college, or university may nominate up to three students for UBC Vancouver (including Vantage College), and one student for UBC Okanagan. A non-profit may only nominate a high school student who is involved with their organization. This nomination will count towards the total nominations permitted from a student’s school.
  • Inform your nominator and academic referee that you’d like to apply for the International Scholars Program and advise them of the November 15, 2022 application deadline. Your nominator should be your school counsellor or equivalent, and your academic referee should be someone who is familiar with you and your work – for example, your teacher for your chosen area of study.

4. Gather your required financial information, as well as notes on any extracurricular activities and awards.

5. Apply for the International Scholars Program by submitting the application by the November 15 deadline.

6. Submit your admissions application to UBC by the December 1 deadline.



All award applicants must submit their full award application (including the nomination and reference form) by 11:59 PM PST November 15, 2022.

Award applicants must also complete their UBC admissions application by 11:59 PM PST December 1, 2022. To apply to UBC, please visit https://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/how-to-apply/application



Official links and website

Official Scholarship Website: https://you.ubc.ca/financial-planning/scholarships-awards-international-students/international-scholars/


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