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Eiffel Excellence Scholarship 2022-2023 at Grenoble Alpes University (Master level)

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The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme was created by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs to enable French higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students to enrol in their Masters and PhD programmes.


Please contact the Collège Doctoral for applications at doctoral level.

The Eiffel Scholarship offers merit-based scholarships to foreign students.

Note: Only French higher education institutions can pre-select candidates and submit an online application on their behalf on the Campus France website. Applications submitted directly by foreign students or institutions will be rejected.



Fields of study concerned

  • Science and technology : 
    • Biology and health
    • Ecological transition
    • Mathematics and Digital
    • Engineering sciences
  • Humanities and social sciences :
    • History, French language and civilisation
    • Law Political Science
    • Economics Management



Amount of the scholarship

The scholarship amount is € 1,181 per month for the Master level. For more details, please consult section 5 on page 4 of the Vade-mecum.



Duration of the scholarship

  • 12 months maximum / for enrolment in M2.
  • 24 months maximum / for enrolment in M1.
  • 36 months maximum / for the preparation of an engineering degree.


Criteria for the selection of candidates

  • An applicant who is currently studying in France is ineligible.
  • The academic excellence of the student is of primary importance.
  • The coherence of the academic and professional project must be highlighted.
  • Age limit 25 years at the date of the Campus France selection committee (i.e. born after March 1996).
  • Reserved for applicants of foreign nationality. Candidates with dual nationality, one of whom is French, are not eligible.
  • Students already receiving a French government scholarship under another programme at the time of application are not eligible.
  • The application of a student whose file was not selected during a previous selection is not admissible.




The applicant must follow the following steps:

  • Contact the person in charge of the Master. The contact details of the person in charge of the course are indicated in the course catalogue.
  • Download and read carefully the vade-mecum.
  • Complete the application form in collaboration with the Master's programme manager and the international relations department of the corresponding faculty. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
    • The applicant must complete the section "Information sur le candidat".
    • The Master's supervisor in contact with the applicant completes the section "Présentation de la candidature". Applications that are not sufficiently supported by the Master's supervisor will not be considered.
    • Specify if the training programme includes a compulsory internship and/or a prior intensive language training.
    • The Directorate General for International and Territorial Development will fill in the section "General information on the institution".
  • Save the application file: DossierM_Firstname_Lastname.
  • The compulsory supporting documents will be saved in PDF format (size limit of 3MB/item) and in separate files. The name of each file must include the name of the document requested and the name of the applicant. (example: transcript_Lastname_Firstname).
  • Submit the completed file and supporting documents directly to the Master's Programme Manager for evaluation and possible approval of the application.

Please note: Applicants cannot submit their application directly to Campus France or to the Directorate General for International and Territorial Development. They must contact the course director and/or the international relations correspondent of the faculty directly.




  • Deadline for internal applications to the Université Grenoble Alpes: November 15, 2021 (to be confirmed with the faculty concerned).
  • Publication of results: week of April 04, 2022.



Do you need more information?

Please visit the Campus France website for more information on the Eiffel scholarship programme.

For more information, visit the official page of the Eiffel scholarship at Grenoble Alpes University.


Documents to download



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